Moving in Labor, According to Barbie

My friend and former student Simone just sent me these awesome labor pics from her first birth and I couldn’t wait to share them with you all (with permission, of course). Just look at how she moved and grooved through her labor! Simone couldn’t stop raving about how my Healthy Birth 101 class gave her the confidence and knowledge to stay active and have a great birth. I told her I was glad the class helped, but she owes everything to her own determination and strength. Congrats, Simone!

Here she is in early labor, leaning over the table and swaying side-to-side with her hips open wide.


She sat down for a much-needed break for her legs, but made sure to keep her pelvis open wide!


Simone remembered learning in class about the wide-legged chair straddle position — it let her rest while still remaining upright with a wide pelvis (giving baby lots of room to adjust).


Simone’s back started bothering her and she wanted to find a way to relieve some pressure. Getting on hands and knees helped a lot.


After laboring for so long, Simone felt like she needed to allow her body more of a rest, but still keep a good position for baby to move down. She laid on her side with the peanut ball in between her legs to keep her pelvis open.


Simone started feeling pressure way down low, with an urge to start pushing. She thought maybe it might be time to meet her baby soon! This excitement, along with the rest she got on her side, gave her new energy to get up and find a new position. She experimented with lots of different pushing, starting with getting into a supported squat position.







This felt good for a while, but her back started to tire. Simone decided next to lean against a wall and squat for a few good pushes.








Simone could really feel her baby moving down in the low squat position! The tops of her thighs and ankles needed a rest though, so she moved down into a kneeling position.








This pushing position felt great! Simone could reach down and feel the top of her baby’s head! Then, without thinking about it, she felt herself instinctively search for a way to make more room — baby was coming!







What an awesome and active birth story — thanks, Simone, for sharing! Stay tuned for more pics of Simone and her sweet baby. Congrats to you both!


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